March 2, 2010

Mac OS X Gaming

Having bought a Mac, I sort of stopped playing Counter Strike, in the absence of a mouse etc. I managed to have a crack at TOCA […]
March 3, 2010

Mac OS X Speedup Bits

I decided my Mac was running a bit slower, something I would usually refer to as the “Windows downhill effect”. Turns out Mac OS X has […]
March 10, 2010

Mac OS X Gaming Part II

In my last post about MacOSX gaming, I mentioned I like to play Counter Strike / Left 4 Dead, and how I attempted to run it […]
January 6, 2011

Logitech G27 on Special @

HERE: Don’t ever say I don’t help out my fellow nerds! 😛 Their normal price is $489 but in the description it has: The Logitech […]