March 24, 2011

Subversion, Trac, Apache & mod_dav_svn

I had looked at this a while ago but gave up thinking it was too hard, too time consuming. It still is. To begin with, Subversion, […]
March 28, 2011

Making the most of University

I feel like a bit of an IT guy, turned philosopher with most of my recent posts, but what the heck! Back to another hectic semester […]
March 30, 2011

Prime number generator

This is a little something I’ve been working on for an experiment. It’s a pretty basic prime number generator. At the moment, it’s using what I […]
May 20, 2011

MySQL 5.5.12 Config Wizard Bug

Installing JIRA on a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server today, and had to install MySQL for the database back end. Sounds simple enough… It’s been a […]
May 26, 2011

osCommerce Stock Level Hack

osCommerce fails to check stock level correctly when going through the order process. The problem is two fold, and is worsened by the use of PayPal. […]
June 21, 2011


important lessons learnt today (aka, a very important message authorised and spoken by A Knowles, Brisbane on behalf of himself): 1. study is great, but only […]
July 16, 2011

IIS, PHP, and LDAPS with Active Directory.

Why you’d ever want to do this is probably a discussion best left to the political arena. But for the purpose of that thing I call […]
July 23, 2011

Why you should upgrade to OS X Lion – sooner rather than later!

Every 2nd Saturday and Sunday makes up what I call “F1 Weekend”. I run a Winfast USB HDTV tuner, which only runs in Windows, and so […]
August 5, 2011

Lion-style Inverse Scrolling – On Windows XP

My home computer is a Mac, now running OSX Lion. I’ve become quite accustomed to the backwards/reversed scrolling which seems to be the default in Lion […]
February 7, 2012

Windows 8 – to be or not to be?

Microsoft has a track record for releasing horrible operating systems every now and then, as witnessed by the IT world more recently with Windows Vista. It […]
July 6, 2012

Building a Hyper-V Lab – cheaply!

I’ve been trying to build a lab at home for a while, but have continued to put the thought aside, over and over. Not because I […]
July 9, 2012

Enable Intel VT-x & EPT in VMWare Workstation

Following on from my previous post, I forgot that VMWare doesn’t turn this on by default. You absolutely require passthrough of the Intel VT-x and EPT […]
July 12, 2012

MCSE Private Cloud Certification

Released a few months ago, Microsoft have re-vamped their certification for the 2012 suite of products, introducing, most notably, the MCSE Private Cloud certification. For all […]
July 23, 2012

Digital Travel

I recently had the opportunity to work in Melbourne for 10 months, where I was able to fly back to my home town of Brisbane every […]
September 5, 2012

System Centre Orchestrator 2012: why you should be using it

Firstly, what is Orchestrator? Orchestrator is a new member of the Microsoft System Centre suite, previously badged System Centre Opalis or Opalis Integration Services, and commonly […]
October 22, 2012

What’s New in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

I recently attended TechEd 2012 on the Gold Coast, and was pretty spoilt for choice as to what technologies I wanted to learn more about. I […]
October 24, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Architecture Reference

I was lucky enough to pick one of these up in hard copy form at TechEd Australia 2012!! Very useful reference! Download the full copies from […]
October 24, 2012

Windows 8 Promo Videos

October 26, 2012

Windows 8 Without a Tablet? Nonsense!

Today, Microsoft launched Windows 8 to the masses. And I’m frustrated. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to play with Windows 8, blowing […]