March 10, 2010

Mac OS X Gaming Part II

In my last post about MacOSX gaming, I mentioned I like to play Counter Strike / Left 4 Dead, and how I attempted to run it […]
June 3, 2010

Cold War Reading Material

I read an article, maybe 2 years ago, regarding the Cold War, and Russia (or the USSR, whichever), having built a doomsday system. I somehow raised […]
June 7, 2010

S15 Update

After just over 2 long years of having my S15 off the road, it’s slowly getting closer! A few weeks ago I decided I would get […]
June 29, 2010

My Facebook Idea

…. was implemented!!! As per pic below. I filled out the suggestion form last week asking to see a pop up box when you roll over […]
July 1, 2010

HTTP Referrer Spam

My web stats for one of my larger websites is full of referrers which look to be spam… Today’s brief stats below shows the highest referral […]
August 3, 2010

There’s always a better way – Windows Fixes

It really annoys me when people say, “oh, why don’t you just re-install Windows” or “do a repair install”. Over the past few years I had […]
August 18, 2010

iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone needs to be jailbroken to do this (tested on my iPhone 4, with iOS 4.0.1 using the jailbreaker). You don’t need OpenSSH installed, but […]
September 3, 2010

Windows Event Logs to Syslog – Update

I came across this site earlier, seems to have a good amount of resources linked for anyone looking to implement Windows event log to syslog. […]
September 6, 2010

1′s, 0′s and electronics

I loved electronics when I was young, and was lucky enough to have a Dick Smith Fun Way electronics kit. Sure, I had no idea what […]
September 6, 2010

iTunes + iPhone 4 + pre-populated credit card fields

Okay. So I had this song stuck in my head while I was on the bus this morning, and it totally got to me… Me being […]
September 6, 2010


I briefly posted about the UVB-76 radio station a while ago, as it’s transmissions stopped. Was a bit of a “oh noes” moment for all the […]
September 7, 2010

An election, an NBN, a hung parliament, and a whole lot of sucking up…

Like every other Australian, I’ve been subjected to this whole “election” and “hung parliament” rubbish that’s been littering our news for the past few weeks. Secretly, […]
September 14, 2010

MacBook Pro HDD Upgrade – Part 1

When I purchased my 15″ MacBook Pro last year, I optioned for a 250GB 7200RPM SATA drive, as it was not only cheaper, but faster spindle […]
September 16, 2010

MacBook Pro HDD Upgrade – Part 2

This didn’t go quite to plan… Firstly, my MacBook’s Superdrive (aka DVD burner), decided to fry the laser assembly at some point in the past few […]
September 23, 2010

gfxCardStatus – Mac OS X GPU Switcher

Mac OS X, on the right MacBook Pro, has the ability to change the current GPU in use to maximise battery life, or maximise performance. To […]
September 23, 2010

twistori – a live Twitter feed with a difference

twistori is something really special… After rebuilding my OS, I went searching for a new Twitter client to manage my 3 or 4 accounts. I came […]
October 4, 2010

Mac OS X Mouse Acceleration

I previously posted a while back that I had issues with the Mac OS X mouse acceleration with a Microsoft optical mouse, which I fixed by […]
October 8, 2010

TODO: Webmin Virtual Host Configuration

I’m using Webmin for “basic” administration of a few webservers I run. Admittedly, most of the configuration I do with Webmin is simple zone file edits […]
October 8, 2010

Forefront TMG Stuff – a bunch of handy scripts by a security consultant named Jason Fossen Microsoft tools for TMG 2010 – Technet Doco for TMG 2010 – […]
October 13, 2010

Better TCPViewer

I needed to show all the connections on a virus infected machine a while ago, and being a Microsoft tech, I normally used the Sysinternals TCPViewer […]