#LinkedInMusings: Why I canned my accountant – Stick to Your Promises

In this current environment, you need to stick to your promises. I just ditched my accountant of 3 years.

Last week he promised to call.

Yesterday he was “too busy with other clients” and promised to call back this morning.

I waited all morning and no call.

I quickly found a new accountant thanks to my local Facebook community group, who returned my call quickly and shares a background working at Deloitte.

He was prepared with questions and able to lock in an appointment quickly. #socialdistancing friendly of course.

I’m incredibly excited to be working with a smaller business, someone who can spare 5 minutes to chat about my goals and not fob me off because they have other clients paying the bills. That’s not a partnership, and not worth the more expensive advisory costs I would have been charged.

Please don’t forget to #behuman – small business is just as important as your large clients.

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