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Cryptocurrency Hack #37 – Embrace the Affiliate Program to Boost your Holdings


Since I first got involved in cryptocurrencies a couple of years ago, anyone and everyone has found out about Bitcoin, and even some of the lesser knowns like Ethereum, EOS and Litecoin. Every dinner out with friends now involves someone asking the (sometimes dreaded) question, “how’s bitcoin going?”, and everyone has been made AWARE of the potential to make money in this space through their social groups and connections. Bitcoin has been thrusted upon all of us!

For the savvy amongst us, we got involved in cryptocurrencies early, and made a few bucks here and there. Buying bitcoin for $5 seemed like a big risk for something that may never take off, but as 2016 and 2017 rolled around, 1000% growth across many cryptocurrencies gave the early adopters a taste of the riches.

And with it, came heaps of opportunities to make money without actually buying Bitcoin.

Enter, the “affiliate” or “referral” program.

Affiliate marketing isn’t new, but it is still incredibly effective. Bloggers, social media tycoons and everyday joes can use affiliate marketing to gain a few extra dollars in their cryptocurrency dealings – even you can benefit by simply referring your friends or family – no dodgey sales required!

How does an Affiliate Earn Money?

Affiliate marketing works because you’re not selling. You’re informing. You’re delivering a message to people that you have found a service, you’ve used it, it works, and you trust it; it’s basically word of mouth advertising, which just happens to give you a kick back.

By registering with an affiliate program, you are given a special link or code, which you can use to publish content on your website/blog, message to friends, etc. By simply sharing this link, people are able to click on it, and then register with the website, informing the website that they were referred by you (using your link). This allows the website to pay kick backs in whatever form back to you based on the spending of your referred friends etc. This generally ranges from 20% of commission fees or 5% of a product’s purchase price.

How do I become an Affiliate?

Chances are, you already have an account with one of many Cryptocurrency exchanges. Below is a quick list below of some of the exchanges which offer the most beneficial affiliate programs:

  • Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of holdings; based in Asia, Binance offers 20% of commissions, paid instantly to your account, with up to 40% paid if you hold a balance of 500BNB. The fees paid by a referee are paid in the same amount paid – i.e. if the fee is BTC, you receive BTC; if the fee is paid in ETH, you receive ETH.
  • Coinbase is one of the largest retail exchanges, offering just a small amount of cryptocurrencies (i.e. BTC,ETH,LTC). They are incredibly easy to use and signup, and for this, you can earn $10 per person you refer – they even offer a “Share to Twitter/Facebook/Email” function to get you going
  • CoinSpot is an Australian based cryptocurrency exchange and one I have personally found success with; they pay a very generous 25% on commission fees monthly.
  • Ledger Wallet‘s referral program offers 10% on product sales paid via bitcoin. A minimum of 50EU must be earned for a payout to be made.
  • Trezor has a program offering a base rate of 5% of product sales which can be negotiated

How to Maximise Referral Signups

  1. Create content! You should create content on a blog, forums or other platforms where you can engage people, and provide value. If all you’re doing is posting links, you are unlikely to generate referrals
  2. Make sure your content is unique. Don’t copy other people’s content, Google will rank your site lower, not to mention it’s also rude and disrespectful
  3. Use social media campaigns to promote your content and engage the community.
  4. Don’t PUSH people into clicking your links
  5. Don’t promote your links to people who are already trading cryptocurrencies – they will quickly bring you down a level
  6. Optimise your content for Google; develop skills in SEO if required

Is there money to be made? Absolutely. But it won’t come easy. You might be lucky to make $50, or you might create some viral content and generate 100+ referrals which generate a lifetime of income exceeding $1000’s per month!

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a single dollar to do this!!!!!

Good luck!

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