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July 16, 2011
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Why you should upgrade to OS X Lion – sooner rather than later!

Every 2nd Saturday and Sunday makes up what I call “F1 Weekend”. I run a Winfast USB HDTV tuner, which only runs in Windows, and so I have to run it virtually in Parallels Desktop on my Mac.

It runs great on my now, old and continually ageing MacBook Pro – until I upgraded to OS X Lion.

So why recommend the upgrade? Well… there’s lot’s of cool stuff, of course, some 250 new features according to Apple.

But the slowness will go away.

I’ve noted that the first time you boot the upgraded OS, Spotlight re-indexes your hard drive. There does not appear to be a stop option anywhere, and despite reading other people’s suggestions to run “mdutil -i off” to disable indexing, it’s still indexing. That’s an overnight job!

Next on the list, the new version of Mail requires an update to your existing mailboxes. I have some 8GB of IMAP stores (Gmail etc), so this took a little while – around about 45-60 mins.

So, the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you get it over and done with. Sorry for getting you worried 😉

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