Making the most of University

I feel like a bit of an IT guy, turned philosopher with most of my recent posts, but what the heck! Back to another hectic semester of uni, and I’ve learnt a very valuable lesson from one of my lecturers already.

For all the university students out there, hoping to one day make it big, and realise the potential from their university studies, it’s probably a really important point that was hidden away in a 3rd year elective subject…

I’ve also briefly commented on this myself also on my previous posts…

So back to the point.

Working full time lets you meet alot of people in your industry. This is useful for building your professional network.

However, the opportunity arises, whilst studying at university, to meet far more people than you will ever meet during your professional career (at least, for most of us). The beauty of this, is that they are all *right there*, at uni. You don’t have to go and find them. They all have similar goals. They study similar subjects, or in areas you might lack skills.

In 20 years time, when you need a lawyer, who would you rather rely upon? Someone you met professionally through a business deal a few years ago, or someone you met 20 years ago at university and have known since?

Additionally, if you have big dreams, to be the next Google for example, you’re more likely to find the skilled individuals you need at university, who will help you out as a business partner, as opposed to a paid employee. Win win?

After discussing these thoughts with some of my fellow students this semester, it’s evident that we all want to make it big and create something as influential as Google, Youtube or Facebook.

Through our combined talents, surely it’s possible…

University should not be embraced only as a learning institution, but a place where your wildest aspirations could come to fruition through networking with your peers. What you learn is merely your toolbox in getting the job done. Who you meet, well…

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