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October 4, 2010
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TODO: Webmin Virtual Host Configuration

I’m using Webmin for “basic” administration of a few webservers I run. Admittedly, most of the configuration I do with Webmin is simple zone file edits and editing virtual host directives, by editing the configuration files directly, using the web interface merely as a text editor.

It seems that wherever I go, outgoing SSH is blocked, so simple tasks like logging on to restart Apache or MySQL is just plain impossible. Webmin poses an additional problem. By default (of course I haven’t changed this), Webmin uses port 10000 for it’s HTTP server – which doesn’t use Apache, and is also blocked. Setting the port to 80, therefore, would stop Webmin or Apache from running (because whichever process starts first will take precedence).

So, my to-do is to run up an additional virtual host on the servers, or maybe just a sub directory, which will point back to Webmin, on port 80, so I can access this from work etc. Either or, Webmin has a pretty basic and to the point guide here.

I should really also setup an SSL certificate… Hmmm.

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