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Cold War Reading Material

I read an article, maybe 2 years ago, regarding the Cold War, and Russia (or the USSR, whichever), having built a doomsday system. I somehow raised this in conversation the other day with one of my colleagues, and searched for the article again…

I’ve started to take a bit of interest in the Cold War, and the whole nuclear doomsday thoereticals that go with – Chernobyl etc is also a big reading item for me. A bit of my reading material below on the subjects is below:

** 7th June 2010 ** Just read this on SlashDot, read up on UVB-76 and there’s some speculation whether this could be related to the “Dead Hand” system mentioned in the previously linked articles…

Tinfoil hatters around the world are abuzz that UVB-76, the Russian shortwave radio station that has been broadcasting its monotonous tone almost uninterrupted since 1982, has suddenly gone offline. Of course no one knows what the significance of this is, but best brush up on your drills just in case.

Read more about UVB-76 on Wikipedia.

It all sounds a bit like Lost to me… Push the button, or the world will end!!!

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