Outlook 2010 + Social Networks

I thought this was super massive awesome cool plus plus!!!!!1111oneoneone

I just installed the Office 2010 beta, and jumped in to my email quickly to grab a call. When I went to reply to an email, I noticed a little bar, similar to the “security” bar you get at the top of Internet Explorer, at the bottom of the email I was drafting, prompting me to install Windows Desktop Search. I clicked on that, and noticed another notification sitting there prompting me to add a social network for the contact who had sent me the email!

This looks pretty cool I must say. It looks like Outlook will have the functionality to look up your contacts Facebook status updates and what not when you receive an email from them. For home / personal use, this could be really cool. Don’t know how suitable it would be for corporate use however – I mean, who wants their boss seeing all their Facebook updates when they send an email?


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