Interesting uses of Google?

I love AWStats. I literally look at the stats for this website, and my other’s, multiple times every day… Stat’s junkie much?

I’ve become quite analystic with my stats, noticing trends and changing my content to suit common searches, which I believe lead people to believe they are going to find what they are looking for. You could say I’m doing my bit to make my search results “useful” to web users…

But one particular search keyword caught my eye today…”-intitle” shows up in my search keywords… I went to my search phrases stats, and found this baby:

intitle resume for | intitle resume-of | intitle curriculum-vitae | intitle s-resume @ lawson or sharepoint or microsoft dynamics erp -intitle example -intitle examples -intitle samples -intitle sample -intitle submit -inurl edu -intitle templates -intitle -resume-parsing -inurl fake -postjobfree-com -resumebucket-com -dice-com -trovit-com


I’m curious if this is a new method taken by recruitment agencies and employers alike, to seek out new employees? Heck, I think it’s an ingenious idea, the amount of resumes posted on the web would outnumber Monster, Seek, and any all those other job related sites ten fold!

I hope whoever searched for this found what they were looking for, in this case, they found me, someone who has barely delved into the joys of SharePoint… I hope my resume reflected that 😛 Perhaps resumes need to be indexed better, by recognising the relevance of “little experience with SharePoint” or SharePoint falling under the heading “beginner”, or something along those lines. Something to think about, Google…

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