JUN’s Nissan 350Z, “improved”

I got linked to this from Cruising Brisbane, and all I can say is “wow”.

This thing looks amazing, and the amount of fabrication work and complexity of the stuff installed in this is just jaw dropping. They’ve gone and taken a standard old 350Z and transformed it into something you’d expect to see in the pits at a Formula 1 event. Let’s just cap off some of the “awesome” dropped into this beast:

  • Greddy twin turbo setup – the position of these turbos alone is just crazy, yet the Japs have managed to do it, yet again – just check out all the heat wrapping and you begin to realise that no expense, or corner, was cut
  • Exhausts dumping out through the back of the strut towers, down behind the front of the front fender and out through the sideskirts
  • The engine internals are pumped up, with a 3.8L stroker kit and Cosworth pistons, amongst other bits and pieces
  • Air jacks all round – I have a soft spot for these, being the DIY’er I am, I love this kind of stuff.
  • Massive Endless brakes all round
  • Upgraded fuel system, which of course is just one of those things you have to do, or over-do, like these guys appear to have done. I think I counted 4 fuel pumps in the boot!
  • “V mount” radiator and oil cooler setup, just look at the size of the oil cooler and you know this thing means business… I’m running something 1/3rd the side of that in my S15…
  • Custom panels all round, including the bonnet. The bonnet has enough venting to allow small low flying birds to shoot through the front of the car and out the bonnet, although this is an entirely unlikely scenario.
  • The custom inlet plenum is a work of art – another prime example of JUN’s handy work…
  • And probably the hardest part of all this – an All Wheel Drive (AWD) conversion, with parts sourced from the R32 GTR, and a Hollinger 6 speed transmission…

What else can I say? Crazy Japanese, I think the saying goes, “I think that’s just so crazy, it’d work”. And it is… 

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