Windows 8 Without a Tablet? Nonsense!

Today, Microsoft launched Windows 8 to the masses. And I’m frustrated.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to play with Windows 8, blowing away my daily work laptop and installing the new operating system at each release – beta, release preview, consumer preview, and RTM.

Yes. A laptop. Not a touch screen tablet. A laptop with a keyboard and an external mouse. My experience could be likened to running Windows 8 on a standalone desktop PC, with a separate external mouse and keyboard. This is how I work on my laptop, this is how I work on my desktop. And Windows 8 lets me do that with very little change. Continue reading “Windows 8 Without a Tablet? Nonsense!”

Windows 8 – to be or not to be?

Microsoft has a track record for releasing horrible operating systems every now and then, as witnessed by the IT world more recently with Windows Vista. It begs the question, after a very successful Windows 7, what is in store for Windows 8? Will it be king, or will it flop?

My motivation for this article, comes from Mick Huxley’s blog post this morning, “Why Windows 8 will be a flop”. My views here are based on very little experience using the Windows 8 development release installed on a non-touch device and briefly playing with a co-worker’s Windows 8 Slate device, and I will relate my experiences ¬†and views to Apple’s iOS/OSX family and successes. Continue reading “Windows 8 – to be or not to be?”