Ethereum Weekly Roundup – 1st June
June 1, 2017

Selling Ethereum in Australia

My last post, “Getting Started with Ethereum”, discussed getting started; buying Ethereum, and transferring it to your wallet, using the Ethereum Wallet and CoinSpot to purchase Ethereum.

Now that you’ve probably made a profit holding your Ethereum for a few weeks (it’s jumped from ~$100 to over $260USD now!), if you choose to sell your Ethereum and cash in, your choices are VERY limited.

Introducing BTCMarkets

BTCMarkets is similar to CoinSpot, CoinBase and others, except that they actually allow Ethereum to be sold for AUD.

Head to and register an account. Once you’ve registered, BTCMarkets have made it pretty simple to verify your account – sorta… Don’t mess up your address!

After a bit of fiddling, I eventually got my account verified, pending their review, and then had to wait about a week for them to mail out a verification code. Now that’s done, I can use my account. Would love to hear from others to hear if they required the verification via postal mail also!

Future of Ethereum

I read a post in /r/ethereum today from 2016 which discussed Ethereum potentially hitting $50. Many technical analysis based posts on the same subreddit discuss the price exploding to $300, $1000, and even surpassing BitCoin, which is well above $2000USD.

It seems “HODL” is the only real smart option here.


  1. martin leibowitz says:

    Hi Ashley, Any idea of how you can buy Ethereum in a SMSF? The guys at Coinspot said just use the SMSF name and not your own, seems a bit of a workaround. Any light you can shed would be great.

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Martin, really good question and I’d love to know the answer also! Did you end up doing this with CoinSpot? Feel free to shoot me some details in an email (

      • martin leibowitz says:

        I did register with Coinspot, what a lot of formality:) I have also been looking at others that don’t charge as higher fee. Might go with paper or hardware wallet, seems safer somehow.

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